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Free shipping: myth or reality?

The days of outdated delivery services like pigeon post, horse delivery and UkrPoshta are long gone…

As of today, the leaders in transportation and delivery domain are private companies, whose activities meet all the present day standards: carefulness, safety promptness.

High quality goods and services have an appropriate price. We all noticed, that the delivery of an ordinary letter costs a tidy sum rather than some tens of coins for the postage stamp and an envelope as it was long ago.

It is great beyond words that one of our managers eventually proposed making the delivery free of charge… we did!

Every item ordered by you is carefully packed in our designer box and delivered to the post office you specified when ordering. It is noteworthy that generally, the happy customers hold a sharp and classy new accessory from Krago.

Dear friends, rewind that All expenses for the delivery of goods to you are covered by “KRAGO” company!

All that falls on your shoulders – choose the desired productand pick it up in a convenient post office for you in a couple of days. And last but not least, share a good buy in your social networks!



Gift certificate from Krago – I know your birthday celebrant wishes…

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, blessed events… All these occasions are important landmarks when they regard you and your life. As soon as one of these big days take place in your friends or relatives life and you are in the invitees list – begins the hassle.

The reason for this hassle is the need for a non-trivial gift.

Well-worn and boring soft toys, alcohol drinks, board games – relics from the past! Various websites and gift shops are scarce of distinctive and exclusive goods in their assortment.
Only few people manage to please and delight the hero of the occasion with the gift, unless the desired present was “ordered” in advance.

It’s our time to shine! We offer you to make not only a pleasant and distinctive gift, but also a freedom of choice for the presentee – a gift certificate.

Our certificates are available in a wide range of denominations with a possibility to determine the value of a certificate yourself!

Do not happen to know what is the color of the jacket bought last week by tomorrow’s birthday celebrant? Have absolutely no idea: “Does your tie devotee friend need a yet another tie, or he has long been dreaming of a bow tie?”. Not sure if your girlfriend will tinker at knotting a handkerchief on her neck, and will the chosen color suit her?

We’ve got answers to your questions! Just present a gift certificate.

Present a freedom of choice.


Be original: Krago corporate design box

Today we want to talk of an ordinary and common thing – package.

A package by itself is known since antiquity – the first package were made of leaves, reed, clay, etc. Step by step, people acquired new skills, thus packages of glass, baked clay, and first barrels appeared.

A radical paradigm shift in the domain of packages took its place in the XIX century. That same century gave things that are familiar today – tubes, paper bags, cardboard, cellophane.

It is hard to imagine the modern world without packages, since the encounter of the customer with the product starts with the package. Generally, after unpacking the goods, the package is thrown on the far shelf and forgotten. Nevertheless, package plays an essential role in our perception of the goods. Steve Jobs, the chairman and a co-founder of Apple Inc., stated that the product should delight the buyer at the moment of getting the package. It was the philosophy that inspired us. Once, while opening the box with the brand-new iPhone, we realized that we enjoy the unpacking process. Then we decided to use a box of this shape factor. All it takes is to remove the cover – the product is in front of you.

The design of our boxes combines minimalism and austerity: there is nothing but our company name and brand logo on the box. The box is available in two colors: strict black and gentle white. The inside part of the box is decorated with an eye candy brand logo pattern, which matches the accessory inside the package.

It is worth to remark that bow ties from the exclusive collections have their own exclusive packages.
For instance, the box for bow ties dedicated to “Game of Thrones” series complies with the overall design of the series: our brand logo is placed against the background of the Iron Throne, the name of the series is placed on the ends and the bottom of the package.

A box for the elite series of metal bow ties is designed in pastel shades of brown and gold colors. Unusual geometric shape of the cover, golden embossed brand, red velvet cushion inside… It is clearly evident that we made this series with big love and close attention to detail.

Each box with a bow tie is supplemented with a step-by-step instruction insert and our business card so that you can immediately order more Krago products!

The only way to make absolutely sure that the package plays an important role in the perception of the goods, it’s enough just to proceed to chosen suitable section ow the website and order an accessory that you like. We will take care of package…



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Being smart is in fashion: What? Where? When? (Intellectual TV game What? Where? When?) chooses Krago

For more than a year we have been actively cooperating with the most intelligent people of the world. And you know what, it was a pleasant surprise to find out how many smart people among us. Here is the photo report of the last games. See you next season!

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