Custom bow ties: one hundred percent pure style

Whether you are trying to pick clothes or accessories that will fit your body shape, or just want to get an item that will 100% meet all your requirements, custom tailoring will solve all these problems in one fell swoop. As a result, you will become an owner of a unique, one and only copy of a product around the world.

The fact that you have chosen the brand Krago, in itself, confirms your uniqueness and original taste. But we suggest that you go further and decide on making custom accessories. Your style should be a reflection of your inner world, and not an expression of the thoughts and emotions of the designer or the seller. So try yourself as a couturier, order exclusive bow ties in our online store.

Benefits of custom accessories

“I” is a singular personal pronoun which means I, a person, an individuum, the one and only. Each and every one of us is “I” and has own special thoughts, personal tastes and sense of style. Custom accessories, including bow ties, highlight your bright personality, original taste and make you a trendy person.

Custom tailoring is highly appreciated by people who own hotel facilities, restaurants, spa salons and other types of business. You must admit, that it is always pleasant to be in an establishment where every detail has been thought of. It’s not only about services but also about the appearance: everything from the color of the walls to the uniform of the staff is important for the customers. Therefore, if you want your guests to be met by nice, sharp and tidy employees, then you should think of ordering custom ties and bow ties from Krago. Such a small investment will definitely generate a solid profit afterward.

Order custom bow tie tailoring in the world

We are always happy to discover and explore something new, so we will gladly consider all your ideas and accept any order for bow ties. You can e-mail us, phone, or contact us on social networks and tell us about all your creative ideas. We will do our utmost to make your ideas come true.

If you have long wanted a custom bow tie, but for some reason postponed this matter, then now’s the time. Choose the most convenient way for you to communicate with us and share your ideas.

With regard to the delivery of custom tailored bow ties, the same system as with all other Krago accessories is applied. We ship goods all over the world, to Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkov and other cities of our beautiful country. Wherever you are, Krago bow ties will overcome any obstacles on the way to you. Be unique, choose high-quality and inexpensive bow ties to order.


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